Simon Keller AG

Booth no. Hall 16 - A7

We focus on people - from head to toe. Our passion is the world of Footcare, Beauty, Medical, Hair and Wellness & Spa and our field of activity is the production and trade of specialized equipment and accessories for foot care and spa. We know that relationships are built on quality in both product and service and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible advice and support.

Simon Keller Ltd. was founded in 1971 by Simon Keller and is located in Burgdorf, Switzerland. About 130 employees are currently working for the company.

  • Pedicure
  • Private label
  • Private label manufacturer


Lyssachstrasse 83
3400 Burgdorf

Phone: +41 34 4200800
Fax: +41 34 4200801



Foot care
Privat label
The new Swiss made foot care product

Wooden Pedicure Files
• Beech wood lacquered (neutral/transparent or colored lacquer)
• Product of superb quality with a long life
• Foil, antibacterial, sanitized ®
• Neatly and hygenically packed
• In blister packs with suspension bracket
• We only use wood certified by FSC
Swiss File
Advantage for the pedicurist:
• One-in-a-lifetime purchase of the file
• Autoclavable
• Very practical as the abrasive does not have to be cleaned laboriously by hand
• Superior hygiene – this sterile version cannot be topped

Advantages for the client
• Psychological plus. The clients see that the pedicurist works hygenically and that a new sterile abrasive is used for each client.

Advantages for the retailer
• Returning business, because this product is not just a one time sale ! With the disposable abrasives follow-up orders can be generated
• Customer loyalty
• Reputations of competence in the field of hygiene

Oriental-Feeling footbath tub «KELLER»
A stylish, good looking footbath tub made of aluminum with hammered tendrils will make your spa or practice space look even more luxurious. A simple solution in the effort to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus and other infections. Just place in front of the customer a pre fitted clear disposable liner in the footbath tub.

This gives your customer the guaranty that he is getting a new, personal and hygienic footbath. After use no need to clean with harsh chemicals, just dispose the liner. No time is wasted on cleaning or scrubbing. Professionalism, hygiene and safety - for you as professional and for your clientele.