acurata GmbH & Co. KGaA

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acurata – high performance rotating instruments to the highest technological level!

• manufacturer of premium rotating instruments
• since 40 years we produce exclusively rotating instruments for dentists and dental laboratories
• since 10 years we produce for podiatrists and nail studio
• we offer the highest quality at reasonable prices
• we listen and ask questions – at the same level as our customers
• rotating instruments "made in Germany"


Schulstr. 25
94169 Thurmansbang

Phone: +49 8504 9117-0
Fax: +49 8504 9117-80


Christina Kandlbinder
Marketing / Sales foot and nail


Manufacturer of premium rotating instruments for podiatry and nail care:

• tungsten carbide cutters
• tungsten carbide cutters for sinistrals
• steel instruments, stainless
• ceramic cutters
• ball cutters
• diamond instruments / diamond instruments for turbines
• silicone-polishers
• brushes
• acrylic stand / instrument stand

Combination toothing, coarse and fine
Quick removal of callus, smoothening and designing of fungal
infected nails. Treatment of cuticle and nail fold. Removal of gel
Lamellas toothing, fine with cross cut and PVD-coating (wear protection coating)
Quick removal of thick grypotic nails and callus and acrylic, color gel and ornaments
Galvanic diamond instruments for treatment of natural nails and callus