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SHAZAY- diamond filtered. Luxury and professional haircare products for beautiful, strong and healthier looking hair!
Make a long story short:
- is a family business with an unique, patented German technology: the Diamond Filter
- encloses a small portfolio that meets all needs of different hair types – from professional high-quality to home care products
- is care without parabens, silicones and micro-plastics with long-lasting results and a signature fragrance
- cooperates only with exclusive distribution partners globally
- has sophisticated sales strategies with a free online shop system for partners and social media support
- offers the Center of Excellence, a 150sqm hair academy for product coachings and webinars
- supports partners with on-point merchandise and marketing materials to build brand awareness online and offline
- has many years of experience in registering brands globally

Be part of our SHAZAY family and start innovative diamond business in your country now!


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When it comes to ingredients, we do not focus on any marketing trends, but on WATER. This is the main ingredient in most hair cosmetic products. Our innovation is the Diamond Filter, a German patented technology that makes water ultra-pure. This diamond-filtered water can absorb and deliver significantly more active ingredients, conditioning and cleansing substances to the hair and scalp for healthier, shinier-looking hair. Our luxury care products are also FREE of parabens, silicones and microplastics.

- Supreme Line: luxurious rich care for normal to thick, dry and frizzy hair
- Essential Line: precious light care for fine to normal hair
- Men's Best: special care for bearded & gentle men
- Style Selection: unisex styling products - perfect for every style
+ Professional products like SHAZAY Ritual, SHAZAY Repair System and much more.

The floral-oriental signature fragrance combined with high-quality ingredients make the hair wash to your personal spa moment.