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A powerful German manufacturer
Crevil Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals Germany develops, produces and distributes a wide range of innovative beauty, pharma and lifestyle products, which are all produced in response to customer demand, and which meet German and European industry standards. We confirm that all our products are manufactured in compliance with the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO and are accordance with the decree on German Standards.

Quality management system
Our quality management system ensures that its principles are followed in actual practice. All employees, whether management or shop-floor workers, play an active part in ensuring that our quality management system is applied. Our QM system is constantly improved. So that we obtain the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction. It is our responsibility to fulfil all our partners' business demands at any time.

In order to achieve the desired quality in the finished product, it is essential that the whole plan, starting from the purchase of raw materials to the stage where the ultimate product reaches the consumers, has to contribute towards building quality into the product.
We are certified with ISO 22716:2OO7 and its national translation DIN EN ISO 22716:2008-12 concerning Cosmetics-GMP in all stages of packing, raw material, and finished products.

Production Facilities
High Quality Production Facilities guarantee optimised production costs. The latest technologies along with innovative processes guarantee not only highest possible product quality but also optimised production costs. The most modern equipment and production machinery from leading international manufacturers ensures that all stages of product development meet internationally accepted norms. Combined with our independent manufacturing technologies, our production process is very efficient.
ISO gives guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of our products.



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What are the Biggest Trends in Beauty, Pharma and Lifestyle?
The ever-changing world of beauty, pharma and lifestyle continues to evolve, and every year we are reporting our customers about new worldwide trends.
We inform you about the latest developments in trends, acquisitions, brands and categories performance, retail changes, and much more.

Working closely with our R&D department you will have the ability to create your own recipe and ingredients in the formulation development made exclusively for you. Your new product will be made exactly to your specifications using the same level of quality, care, and professional technology that we are using in our brands.
Using the latest technologies for research and with over 2,000 tried and tested products in our ranges, we are confident that we're the right partner for you if you're looking to develop a specific product range for a particular market.

INTIMATE BLEACHING CREAM | With ELAINE PERINE WHITENING INTIMATE, you can bleach your intimate area (anus, vagina, nipples) within a few weeks, vegan, completely natural and painless, without medical intervention.
The latest ingredients for skin whitening have been carefully selected.

• Brightening by 11% after 6 days
• Brightening by 26% after 9 days

Use the content until it is completely used up, so that you achieve the best and lasting effect.
Shaving and waxing will make body parts visible. To make you feel completely comfortable and to make the skin in the genital area look even, we recommend our Intimate Bleaching.
Also suitable for brightening the nipples.


Enriched with 100% titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, Lancomed Exposure forms a barrier on the skin surface to reflect sun rays. It contains panthenol, a skin-soothing provitamin, to help regenerate the skin barrier. With its antioxidant formula, this SPF Day Cream provides optimal broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Therefore, you can rely on it regarding the prevention of photoaging, cell damage, and other UV related skin diseases.

Woman Hair Loss Products | NIOGEN™, obtained from nature, is a combination of botanical active ingredients that reduces hair loss, stimulates growth, and increases hair density. A combination of 3 plants (Scutellaria baicalensis, Triticum vulgare sprout and Glycine max sprout) that increases cellular energy and activates follicle stem cells (ATP), while protecting them from senescence. L-Arginine increases the level of nitric oxide, thereby promoting hair growth.

NIOGEN™ provides sugars to the follicles, which enter the citric acid cycle and increase cellular respiration. In in vitro assays with NIOGEN™ it can be seen that both isolated mitochondria and intact cells increase oxygen consumption.