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DR. GRANDEL – The Beautyness Company

Dr. Grandel is one of the leading manufacturers of professional skin care products based in Germany and has been internationally successful for more than 70 years – and with very good reasons:

Dr. Grandel offers different brands with a wide range of high-tech care products.

Dr. GRANDEL Kosmetik

Based on long-standing expertise this this brand comprises a wide selection of innovative, highly effective products for every customer type, skin type and skin condition. DR. GRANDEL Kosmetik - In love with perfection.

PHYRIS Skin Care Concept

Based on a unique 3-Phase Care Concept, the brand stands for highly professional and individual skin care, designed for premium Beauty Salons, SPAs and other exclusive sales channels. PHYRIS - Unique Inspiration.

arabesque My Make-up Colors

Focusing on bestsellers, must-haves and beauty essentials this brand stands for simply fascinating make-up that needs no explanation. arabesque My Make-up Colors – Simply Beautiful.


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86150 Augsburg

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E-Mail: info@grandel.de
Website: www.grandel.com


DR. GRANDEL Kosmetik | PHYRIS | arabesque

  • Two premium skin care brands with a different market approach complemented by an elegant & clear structured make-up collection
  • Highly effective and tolerated cosmetic products
  • Product lines for each skin type and demand
  • Cosmetic, developed for international markets
  • Quality made in Germany
  • Own production facilities, as well as own development-, quality control- and microbiological laboratories
  • Excellent International Customer Service
  • Sophisticated, brand oriented Marketing Concept
  • Multiple awarded
The World of Phyris
The unique and innovative 3-phase skin care concept for cleaning, activating and nourishing the skin creates results you can see and feel – instantly and lastingly. With selected attractive skin care lines for every customer and skin type, PHYRIS creates unique treatment experiences.

PHYRIS - Unique Inspiration.


The professional approach and scientific methods guarantee beauty products that stand for optimized nature made in Germany. This provides the feeling of always having chosen the best for the skin and its individual needs.

DR. GRANDEL Kosmetik - In love with perfection

arabesque My Make-up Colors

Professional approach, easy choice and confident use of tailor made make-up products. Simply beautiful - the simple way to individual make-up.