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Solingen - no other city in Germany is known for its quality steel instruments like this one. "Made in Solingen" is the synonymous among other things for cutting-edge shears in a top quality, which is known all over the world. Made in Solingen also stands for the company Niegeloh. We attach great importance to our production, from toolmaking to production to final inspection by hand, in our company in Solingen. For the manufacture of our skin and nail scissors, pliers, nail clippers, tweezers, nail files and foot care instruments, we use alloyed, hardenable steels. We are particularly proud of the diversity of our models, which we are building on decades of family tradition and technical lead. All scissors, clippers and tongs are tested by hand for function and cutting ability.


Mangenberger Str. 330
42655 Solingen

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Nail scissors, cuticle scissors, combined nail and cuticle scissors, baby scissors, beard scissors, safety scissors, nail clippers, toenail clippers, nail nippers, nail nippers with buffer springs, skin nippers, tweezers, sapphire files and other instruments for manicure and pedicure.

Tweezers are an integral part of body care instruments, because they are not only extremely practical, but can also be used in a variety of ways. They can be used primarily in the field of beauty care, but also to remove splinters in the skin. In particular, you can optimally shape your eyebrows with tweezers and thus work out your ideal eyebrow shape. The tweezers have different tip shapes for this purpose: oblique, curved, straight and pointed.

The inclined tweezers combine the two shapes "straight" and "pointed" and make it easier to pluck straight at problem areas. A straight pair of tweezers is perfectly suited for flat positioning and precise plucking of protruding hairs, while curved tweezers can very easily go under hair close to the skin through the angled ends and grasp them directly at the root of the hair. The fine tip of pointed tweezers enables fine hairs and splinters to be gripped safely.
In the TopInox quality, you can choose between a lacquered version, a matt version and a matt version with a polished tip.


Nail Clipper – for many people essential for cutting the hand nails and toe nails.
Due to the ergonomic design, the clipper is particularly comfortable in the hand. The curved and hardened cut surfaces allow precise cutting of the nails. Our clippers are made of stainless steel, they are antiallergic and sterilizable.

The advantage of a nail clipper compared to nail scissors is that when used, hardly any cracks occur in the horn plate of the nail. The nail is not stressed on one side, as is usual with shears, but the pressure through the parallel cutting surfaces is evenly distributed evenly over the nail parts to be separated. The disadvantage is that the nail clipper cannot be guided as finely as a nail scissors.

We offer our customers a smaller nail clipper for the fingernails as well as a larger one for the toe nails.

The Original by Niegeloh – Design and quality "Made in Solingen"


Our classic in TopInox quality - the nail scissors are grinded by high precision CNC machines, all surfaces are precisely faceted, like a diamond. Up to eighteen different sharpening processes are performed on each scissor tip. The surface is ceramic-blasted, the finely polished blade and the 24 ct hard gold-plated screw round off the look. All scissors in the TopInox series are hypoallergenic and sterilizable. Quality "Made in Solingen" is a philosophy for us that we live every day.