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The founder, Linda Pichler, has herself suffered from extreme scalp irritations. In order to cure these symptoms, she discovered the healing properties of certain plant and flower essences. More than three years ago, Linda decided to turn her personal passion into a business and produce natural skin care products for Moms, Babies and Kids.  With a professional team, LaLinda products are produced in the Alps with crystal-clear mountain spring water. Sustainability and protection of the majestic Alpine nature are key for the company. The formulations combine ancient wisdom with latest dermatological findings. LaLinda refrains from using essential oils, because they are too strong for the super delicate skin of pregnant women and babies. LaLinda uses only use allergen-free fragrance in their products to create a gentle scent, so they are well tolerated by sensitive skin. Our products are recommended by naturopaths, midwives, dermatologists and pediatricians. We welcome distributors worldwide.


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Mama Soft Stretchmark Cream - Nourishing cream to prevent and cure stretch marks, organic grape seed oil makes skin elastic

Mama Soft Body Oil - Ideal body treatment during pregnancy and for dry skin all year round, with coconut oil 

Baby Soft Face Cream - Pure plant ingredients protect baby's delicate skin from wind, cold and environmental impact

Baby Soft Body Oil - Light natural oil that spreads easily and absorbs quickly, ideal for baby massage

Kiddy Soft Shampoo & Body Wash - Gentle cleansing of hair and body with pure plant washing ingredients

Kiddy Soft Bodylotion - Light and hydrating lotion, spreads easily and absorbs quickly and eases itching in irritated skin

Shine Organic Brightening Face Serum - innovative formulation to ease dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Shine Organic Brightening Face Cream - active ingredients with hyaluron to ease effects of aging

Shine Anti-aging Handcream - with argan oil, biotin and a UV-filter to fight aging of hands

Shine Body Lotion – hydration boost

Mama Soft Stretchmark Cream
- Dermatologically tested Helps skin stretch and increases elasticity, safe for mom and baby, also during nursing.
Gets absorbed quickly, has a very gentle scent, not greasy
Hydrates and enhances skin elasticity, well suited for face also Pure plant active ingredients, no mineral oils or parabens, no allergen ingredients Organic grape seed oil neutralizes free radicals and protects skin cells  
Baby Soft Face Cream
- Dermatologically tested Pure plant ingredients protect baby's delicate skin from wind, cold and environmental impact.
Cream absorbs well without leaving a sticky layer on baby’s face Formulated with gentle scent, highly unlikely to cause allergic reactions With beeswax, witch hazel extract, organic wild rose oil, cocoa butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil.
Leaves skin feeling nourished and smooth Made in the Alps with pristine mountain water and organic wild rose oil.
Shine Anti-Aging Hand Cream
with Argan Oil and Biotin Luxury treatment for your hands. Argan oil and biotin soothe and moisturize stressed hands.
Velvety hands: Cream regulates hands' natural moisturizing properties; a special combination of ingredients protects from skin ageing through sunlight.
Formulated to prevent and/or reduce occurrence and appearance of age spots and wrinkles.
Gives hand a velvety feeling without leaving any greasy or oily residue and creates a feeling of protection.