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German Beauty Engineering- for the most beautiful you

inspira: cosmetics produces and markets high-quality, contemporary cosmetic products for individual skin care worldwide. The German company is based in Aachen and was founded in 2000.
The development of outstanding and highly effective products with excellent compatibility is a matter of course for inspira: cosmetics. The products visibly improve the appearance of the skin and let the user look in the best possible way for his/her respective age.

A personal and fair customer relationship based on partnership is a matter close to the heart of the company. inspira: cosmetics offers cosmetic studios, spas, medical spas and dermatological practices relevant professional product concepts for skin care as well as tailor-made treatment products for professional use in the cabin. The range is developed according to the latest scientific findings and manufactured to the highest quality according to the latest GMP cosmetics.

The motto is: maximum effect, but as natural as possible.


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52076 Aachen

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inspira: cosmetics ampoule concentrates: high-dose efficacy, visible and noticeable results - immediately. Only 2ml contains all our knowledge for an optimally cared for skin
German Beauty Engineering at its best.
4Men Only:

the new men's fragrance and skincare range from inspira: cosmetics
Be smart and wild – in the endless wilderness of Siberia, on the banks of Lake Baikal, grows a plant that holds the secret to smooth, youthful-looking skin for men. Scutellaria baicalensis Georgii is an expert at surviving in a tough, inhospitable environment. It is rich in Baikalin®. This power ingredient is a real youth molecule and has outstanding anti-ageing properties. The skin becomes toned, revitalised and more even. In short, men look years younger.

Age Reboot Serum:
Age Reboot Serum provides intensive cell protection through stem cells from the moss Physcomitrella patens. They repair the skin barrier, moisturize, improve the complexion and act as a plant shield. Immediate skin smoothing is achieved with 3 different hyaluronic acids.
Phyto EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a signal molecule that stimulates skin renewal. It boosts the production of elastin and hyaluron and improves skin elasticity. The skin is physiologically rejuvenated by up to 10 years. This has been proven in clinical trials.