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The JOYDIVISION international AG has become one of the leading European manufacturers of since its founding in 1994. As innovative inventor of the first ever 100 % natural lubricant (BIOglide) and Europe's most popular lubricant brand (AQUAglide).

JOYDIVISION always places highest value on premium quality and German manufacturing. Social and environmental commitment has been emphasised at JOYDIVISION from the first hour. From 1995 JOYDIVISION has been official sustaining member of the AIDSHILFE by UNICEF e.V. and TERRE DES HOMMES e.V. and is also active in creating traineeships and jobs.

The secret of JOYDIVISION's success is in the high-quality products attuned to the demands of the consumers, permanent development of new goods and trends as well as in the high personal commitment that is shown to all business partners. One motto has endured at JOYDIVISION from the beginning and will remain in future:

Highest product quality and product safety at a fair price



Wiesenauer Str. 11
30179 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 6799666-0
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The current product range comprises more than 250 premium products. Next to lubricants (AQUAglide and BIOglide) the assortment offers hygiene articles (Soft-Tampons) and massage oils (WARMup). JOYDIVISION always places highest value on premium quality and German manufacturing.


The perfect complement to conventional tampons. Swimming, sauna, sports and intercourse often fall victim to the women’s menstrual cycle. So what do women do if they have their menstruation and still want to have fun swimming or working out? They use Soft-Tampons as a perfect complement to sanitary tampons and sanitary napkins. The Original Soft-Tampon is especially comfortable to wear, without any disturbing string. Perfect for special situations!  or

The natural lubricant. When it comes to „love products“, consumers want the same superlative standards as those found in organic products. 100 % natural and vegan, BIOglide has been specially developed as a gentle aid to vaginal lubrication and to soothe complaints in the genital area. BIOglide allows to experience enjoyable, pain-free sex. The “Natural Product – Standard approved by BDiH” seal of approval guarantees that BIOglide meets the high standards of the organic market. BIOglide is also the only CO2 neutral lubricant.
The ideal complement to hours of sensual delight! The pleasant water-based AQUAglide provides a light and reliable solution for when the vagina’s natural lubrication is insufficient. But even without this problem, it provides greater intensity of sensation and excitement during lovemaking. And AQUAglide provides numerous advantages compared to other lubricants. You can use it as a high-quality massage gel, for instance, or as the ideal complement when using latex condoms.