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KHK GmbH was founded 30 years ago and is a medium-sized family business. As a contract manufacturer and cosmetics specialist, we research, develop and produce for our customers from the entire cosmetics segment in the field of "solid lipids".

Core competencies
• High degree of specialization in the hot fill sector
• Waterless care products with a focus on lip care
• Development of customized formulations
• Demand-oriented bulk production and filling at our site near Cologne, Germany
• Intensive research and development a. o. with external partners
• High degree of flexibility
• Short decision-making channels with flat hierarchy

Company figures
• Founded in 1992
• 45 employees
• 3 boilers for different batch sizes from 25-800 kg
• 3 filling lines for hot filling in push-out tubes, top and back filling
• Printing machines for screen and digital printing
• Fully equipped laboratory for recipe development and various analyses
• Production in two shifts
• Capacity: 23.5 million pieces/year
• Export worldwide


Innungstr. 29
50354 Hürth

Phone: +49 2233 71771-0



Natural and Classic Cosmetics by KHK

Certified cosmetic products with high-quality raw materials from controlled organic farming, as well as classic cosmetics from selected raw materials, can be produced in full service or by modular selection of individual production steps, tailor-made according to your specifications, e.g.:
• Lip balm
• Sun care
• Solid care products such as hand care or body care
• Deodorant cream
• Beard wax

Many products are certified according to the established seals NATRUE, ECOCERT/COSMOS and BDIH/COSMOS. Depending on the formula, Fairtrade, Vegan, Flustix, Halal and Kosher certifications possible.

Primary packaging: Wide range of sustainable or classic primary packaging, provided primary packaging materials.

Secondary packaging (preferably FSC-certified): matching folding boxes, blisters, displays and trays or provided packaging material.

Finishing: In-house screen or digital printing, labeling, implementation of other techniques such as hot foil transfer by external partners.


Care products in jars
Water-free cream products in sustainable jars made of organic plastic or recyclable cardboard, in aluminium jars, plastic jars, or provided jars. High-quality classic or natural cosmetic formulas from our own laboratory and production are filled, such as:

• Lip balm
• Sun care
• Deodorant cream
• Beard wax
• Provided bulk
Care Products "in one piece"
Hand-crafted body butter and hand care with ingredients from controlled organic farming developed in our own laboratory: The care "in one piece" for body or hands does not require a tube or jar and is simply packaged in an individually printed, FSC-certified folding box.
For soft and palpably cared skin, simply stroke the cream piece over the skin or slide it through your still moist hands after washing them: body warmth makes it easy to apply the delicate melt.
Lip balm sticks
Lip balm sticks are filled at KHK GmbH with high-quality (natural cosmetic) lip balm from our own laboratory and our own production or also with provided bulk in different containers e.g.:

• Lip balm sticks made of (recycled) plastic
• Lip balm sticks made of Green PE (mono-material, fully recyclable)
• Push-up containers made of recyclable cardboard
• Elegant, shiny metal, engravable sticks
• Transparent, classic lipstick shapes
• Provided containers