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Maxim is a leading company in Europe in developing and manufacturing high quality concepts in the cosmetic industry. Innovation and brand-building are key-elements to the succes of Maxim. With brands like Babyheart, Cosnature, MIRO and Kaloderma Maxim offers an extensive portfolio of products suitable for worldwide distribution at affordable prices.

Today more then 1250 employees are active in 5 factories in Germany, France and Luxembourg developing and producing products for different categories, like Face Care, Personal Care, Colour Cosmetics, Fragrances, Hair Care and Dental Hygiene.


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Babyheart: Gentle care for your little ones

The products from the new Babyheart® skincare range pamper soft baby skin with essences of wild pansy and calendula. For many years, these plants have enjoyed a reputation as traditional healing plants, and they produce intensive caring substances, which are particularly good for tiny tots' sensitive skin. Also known as 'heartsease', the wild pansy can help to relieve irritation, smooth the skin and prevent soreness.

Cosnature: Feel the true beauty of nature

We support people’s health and well-being using natural ingredients. The gentle, natural nourishment provided by cosnature® stimulates and supports the skin’s natural functions and restores a healthy balance to the skin and body. Because cosnature® natural cosmetics use only natural ingredients. Be won over by the power of nature. By using our products as part of your daily beauty regime, your environmental conscience will remain spotless, too.

It supports tooth brushing and leaves you with a clean and fresh mouth feeling. The formula with organic lime and mint helps maintain healthy gums and it provides optimal protection against caries along with tooth cleaning. The formula with zinc prevents plaque buildup. The mouthwash promotes remineralisation of the tooth enamel and cares for the gums and prevents it from disease.
It cares for and protects teeth and gums using sodium fluoride and zinc. The formula contains organic lime extract and it protects against caries. It cleans the teeth gently and thoroughly and leaves you with pleasant minty fresh breath. Sea salt and xylitol remineralise the teeth and protect them from acid attacks. Feel fresh and protected with nature and effect in perfect harmony.
Babyheart Toothpaste Bubble Gum
For the needs of kids teeth. The toothpaste for milk teeth contains age-appropriate fluoride which protects kid's teeth and makes them more resistant to caries. The tasty "bubble gum" flavor makes cleaning teeth more fun as kids like the taste. It is suitable for 0 - 6 years and also contains calcium to strengthen the teeth. Healthy teeth from the beginning.