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More than 50 years of experience in the development of highly innovative products combined with the tradition of a family owned enterprise guarantees for the continuous success. NEOVITA is an exclusive skin-care brand available only in Cosmetic Institutes and Health & Beauty SPA's. The brand is worldwide growing and successful.

Our products are strictly in compliance with the fundamental Salutogenic Beauty Concept.

The consequent implementation of this salutogenic principle by NEOVITA HerbaCeuticalsTM guarantees healthy skin and strengthens the skins own powers by:

The effectiveness of the active ingredients used by NEOVITA is medically and scientifically proven.


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The NEOVITA product lines were developed to offer an effective solution to all treatment situations in the cosmetic institute. All products are optimally balanced on each other so that they can be combined to meet individual needs. They support each other, creating a synergy for optimal treatment results.

The professional cosmetic lines consist of products
for use in the cosmetic institute and products for home skin care.

A large selection of detailed treatments as well as Signature Treatments gives the cosmetic institute access to the perfect treatment-method for every skin type.

The aerosol container guarantees the highest quality standards and assure that neither oxygen nor light can influence the quality of the ingredients.

All of our products are thus, without limit, safely protected, without there being an expiry date.

The demands of mature skin are especially high. Decreasing elasticity and vitality tire the skin, causing it to lose its glowing radiance. Wrinkles gain the upper hand. To give skin back its radiance, NEOVITA has developed the exclusive, new DERMATRIX-Formula. The triple effect formula combines natural Bio-Argan Oil, with the extract of Hibiscus Esculentus seed, which reduces expression lines and skin's own matrikines, filling wrinkles from within.

- Line consists of 11 different products.
With Cell Vitality, NEOVITA COSMETICS presents an innovative skin care series for everyone who celebrates a modern job -& lifestyle and whose day "has more than 24 hours".

This series offers effective protection and regeneration in a completely new phenomenon of our time - "digital aging" through intensive smartphone use and long screen working hours. Cell Vitality further the return to a healthy organic rhythm that was disturbed by irregular phases of activity and rest.

It combines the effects of Nutricosmetics as a tasteful juice from the inside with a luxurious skin-care serum with optimally balanced care-effects from the outside. Therefore, it is a new, holistic concept for the beauty of the whole body.

It has been successful to develop a holistic concept that helps strengthen the skin's elasticity and to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, not only in the face, but on the whole body. Inside & OUT took the 2. place of the European Innovation Prize BSB 2018.