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Paedi Protect AG
We have been manufacturing gentle skin care and sun protection products for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin since 2013. Our innovative formulas have been specially developed to avoid any ingredients with any known allergy potential. This is why you will also not find any fragrance, dyestuffs, preservatives or parabens in our products. Our philosophy at PAEDIPROTECT is simple: skin-friendly care without compromise. Always vegan, fragrance free and without microplastics.


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PAEDIPROTECT stands for authentic, high-quality skin care without superfluous, irritating or allergy-promoting ingredients. Skin compatibility is our most important criterion when developing our formulations. All of our products are especially suitable for babies, children and adults with highly sensitive skin.



PAEDIPROTECT Beach Sunscreen
PAEDIPROTECT Beach Sunscreen offers waterproof UV protection for the summer. A highly effective filter system without microplastics and nanoparticles reliably protects the skin from UVA/UVB radiation with sun protection factor 50+. In order to minimise the risk of allergies, special attention was paid to the skin compatibility of the ingredients during development. Thanks to its light texture, the cream is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and significantly reduces the stickiness of sand on the skin. Moreover, PAEDIPROTECT Beach Sunscreen is coral-friendly according to the Hawaiian Reef Act.
PAEDIPROTECT 2in1 Shampoo & Body Wash
PAEDIPROTECT 2in1 Shampoo & Body Wash cleanses skin and hair particularly gently using very mild washing substances of plant origin. The gentle formulation lathers delicately and helps the skin to maintain its natural protective function. The bamboo and green tea extracts contained have a skin-soothing, strengthening effect and protect the skin from dehydration and external influences. In addition, they have an anti-oxidant effect and prevent signs of premature skin ageing. Also ideal for adults with sensitive or dry skin and even skin prone to irritation or for people who suffer from neurodermatitis.
PAEDIPROTECT Alpine Sunscreen
PAEDIPROTECT Alpine Sunscreen guarantees special protection against cold and sunburn for sensitive skin in mountain areas as well as in winter. Its unique formulation provides the skin with vitamins, cares for and protects the skin on very cold days. This makes PAEDIPROTECT Alpine Sunscreen the perfect protection against the sun's dangerous rays at high altitudes. The combined protection against sunburn and cold has been developed for sensitive and delicate skin in alpine mountain locations. Ingredients such as organic precious white, Swiss pine extract and jojoba oil provide the skin with vitamins, care and protection.