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As one of the leading suppliers for combs, mirrors, bathroom- and hair-accessories, RING with its in-house manufacturing is unique in this combination in Germany and Europe. As a traditional family company we meet the environmental, ethical and qualitative requirements of our customers. Most of the processed materials are Made in Germany, or at least Europe. To meet the high individual requirements the portfolio has consistently been expanded with innovative products. We offer a wide range of combs, mirrors, bathroom- accessories , hair jewelry, brushes, bags and more. Especially for different sustainable solutions for bathroom-accessories and combs, RING is market leader throughout Europe. With a large selection of qualities, colors and shapes, RING provides the right product in quality and color for private label or even highest professional needs.


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With its in-house production of more than 1.000 different items, RING is unique throughout Germany and Europe in this combination. Our product range of more than 600 various combs enables us to manufacture high-quality combs in different qualities for private and daily use, but also for highest professional demands. Especially due to new carbon-combs, new innovatively developed sustainable combs, high quality handmade combs and new material injection combs, our broad product spectrum is nationally unique and exclusive, so are our own manufactured ranges of bathroom-accessories and high quality mirrors. This allows us to realize individual customer demands like colors and materials fast, flexible and reliable. As a responsible cross-generation family business we are constantly working to develop new sustainable product solutions. Additional to the above mentioned Items we offer a wide range of brushes, hair ornaments, cosmetic bags and a lot of different hair- and beauty tools.

SUSTAINABLE Bathroomaccessories

From Arbofill with 60% natural ingredients up to Arboform from 100% renewable raw materials many of our bathroom accessories are made of sustainable materials and even the waste prevention is planned well with recyclable or even biodegradable materials. The material, as well as the finished products made of liquid wood, are Made in Germany. Upon customer request different material-, colour- and shape- wishes can be realized.

We only use high quality german glasses for our mirrors manufactured by ourselves. They are pleasant to handle, not just functional but also well-designed. Our mirrors are standing for exceptional distortion free magnification. Particularly popular: Our mirrors with matching elegant bathroom accessories.


Combs from Terralene material are made up to 100% from renewable sources. These green products contribute to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Each ton of the produced materials captures and sequesters 3.09* tons of CO² from the atmosphere. These items are 100% recyclable in already existent recycling systems. The combs are developed for a very good handling and are smooth to hair and scalp. they already are qualified with the "I'm green" certificate for environmentally friendly products.