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Sensitive Lashes
Eyelash Products made in Germany

We are a young dynamic company, which is always striving to offer you the best possible service. We are specialize in the production and sale of eyelash glues and selected accessories, which are also suitable for very sensitive customers.

We would be pleased to submit you a private label offer.
Our most popular products, like our Eyelash Glue, Eylash Serum, Lash Shampoo, Clean Up Lotion, Primer and a Lash Lifting System Made in Germany are available in Bulk and as full service products.

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Made in Germany

Do you dream of having a breathtaking look without much effort? Then the new Lash Lifting System from Sensitive Lashes is exactly the right one for you. Transform the eyelashes of your customers easily and quickly into an enchanting, sweeping, voluminous look. The eyelash lifting lasts for about 5 weeks and the customer can continue her daily routine as usual. All products for eyelash lifting are available in a practical set, but can also be ordered separately.

Sensitive Lashes
Eyelash Growth Activating Serum

Long and voluminous, are the dream of many women. With the new Eyelash growth Activating Serum from Sensitive Lashes, it is possible to strengthen the eyelashes and eyebrows in a natural way. The eyelashes and eyebrows become denser and longer. With regular daily application, a significant increase in the length and density can be achieved.The eyelashes appear optically denser, healthier and stronger. Vitamins and other natural ingredients, improve flexibility and strengthen your lashes and at the same time helps avoid hair breakage.
Sensitive Lashes is free of medicaments.

In-Vivo Study results showed , that with regular daily applications:
  • After 14 days an increase in Eyelash length and density up to 46%
  • After 28 days an increase in Eyelash length and density up to 66%
  • After 42 days an increase in Eyelash length and density up to 72%

Sensitive Lashes Eyelash Glues

3 different special glues for attaching artificial eyelashes. As a result of the fast drying time, it can be used on very quickly. The glue bonds quickly and holds for several weeks. Additional features are the high bonding capacity and elasticity. The glue is odorless and doesn't evaporate, therefore giving the customer and lash-designer a completely new feeling while wearing or working with it. All our Glues are suitable for the 1:1 and volume technique.

The glues are manufactured in Germany and are also suitable for use on dermatologically sensitive wearers/customers