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SHAZAY is the innovative luxury styling and care line for beautiful hair. Diamond Filtered Water is used in all products to ensure richness in active ingredients and a unique purity. SHAZAY empowers hair stylists around the world to liberate the magnificent beauty of all cosmopolitans. Every single treatment is like relaxing at your favourite place.

SHAZAY was designed and is produced exclusively in Germany to preserve the highest quality standards of performance, comfort, security and sustainability. This luxury haircare line is sold solely through distribution partners to professional hair artists, beauty institutes or spas and from this to end customers.

Become one of our exclusive distribution partners in your region to benefit from advantages offered: we provide best-in-class education for your team, savvy marketing and sales support, numerous merchandising products and the most innovative luxury care line for beautiful hair: SHAZAY!

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Mühle 13
40724 Hilden

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SHAZAY- care and styling products with Diamond Filtered Water for beautiful hair.

Sensible Care:
Shampoo (gentle purifying, anti-dandruff, anti-hairloss), Conditioner, Masque, Oil

Strong Care:
Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque, Oil

Fibre Cream, Gel Wax, Matte Paste, Strong Gel, Hairspray,

Shampoo, Beard Balm, Beard Wax, Beard Color

Digital Perm, Repairing Program

Refreshing Face Spa, Wellness Gel, Hand Wash, Hand Cream

Water- source of life and main ingredient of most cosmetic products.

German engineers have invented an innovative way to get water as pure as possible: electrolysis with diamond-coated electrodes.

Diamond- Filtered Water contains important minerals, trace elements and more active ingredients. Because of its purity, it can carry more cleaning and caring substances as normal water.

SHAZAY products, based on Diamond-Filtered Water, are the best choice for perfectly healthy and lustrous hair.

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