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Crevil Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals Germany, one of Germany’s fastest growing cosmetic and pharmaceutical company. Crevil Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals Germany develops, produces and distributes a wide range of innovative beauty and pharma products, which are all produced in response to customer demand and which meet German and European industry standards. We confirm, that all our products are manufactured in compliance with the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO and are accordance with the decree on German Standards.

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Our quality assessment starts right from the moment we begin developing the formula, so you can be sure that you're getting the highest quality product possible. We base all our formulas on our extensive, standardised tests for viscosity, density and pH value. The first stage in creating a successful range of beauty and pharma products is the right concept, aimed at the specific requirements of the target group. Using the latest technologies for research and with over 2,000 tried and tested products in our ranges, we're confident that we're the right partner for you if you're looking to develop a specific product range for a particular market. Crevil Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals Germany confirms that all our products are manufactured in compliance with the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices and are accordance with the decree on German Standards

ELAINE PERINE TIGHTENING INTIMATE helps restore muscle firmness and hence vaginal tightening by natural ingredients. It also contains collagen that make intimate area smooth and gentle. It helps increase your self-confidence and therefore enhances the pleasure of lovemaking for you and your partner. Tighten, firm and restore the vagina and supporting structure to a younger stage.

Visibly improves hair quantity and quality


  • An increase in glycolysis and ATP production more active and vigorous follicles.
  • The activation of stem cells initiation of a new anagen phase, leading to hair growth and greater hair density.
  • Mitochondrial DNA protection against oxidative stress and ROS reduction in stem cells and fibroblasts more active and healthier cells, leading to a longer anagen phase and thicker and denser hair.
  • The preservation of follicle fibroblasts from senescence for longer time, resulting in an extension of the anagen phase.



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