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Thanks to 40 years of experience, we have advanced from being a pioneer to becoming a leader in marine cosmetics. In order to stay at the forefront of innovation whilst continuing to meet the highest expectations, we combine high quality standards with scientific curiosity and traditional values. The continuous enhancement of our product range, the use of natural raw materials from the sea and our commitment to social and environmental responsibility throughout our production and supply chain are especially important to us.

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All our products and treatments are part of a care concept developed for special skin types. We attach a lot of importance to the choice of our marine ingredients, which are of natural origin and cultivated in a sustainable way. During the development process we pay particular attention to the tolerability of our skincare and its maximum efficacy.

We are offering a comprehensive skin care line "Made in Germany" which covers every skin type and need across various price segments from convenient to exclusive, as well as several treatments for professional use.   


The lifting and smoothing mask with immediate anti-wrinkle effect for demanding skin combines our Celumer Marine Extract with the mimic muscle relaxing Jambú Extract, a natural Botulinum substitute. A thin layer of the mask applied to face, neck and décolleté already takes effect within 5-10 minutes. It effectively prevents the appearance of deeper facial wrinkles, for a refined, firm and youthful look of the skin.


The innovative Serum combines our Celumer Marine Extract with a formula of 5 herbs to strengthen the capillaries and reduce skin redness. It also contains small, natural pigments of green that reflect light for a visible and immediate reduction of redness and a perfect complexion. Highly dosed active ingredients strengthen damaged and dilated capillaries and prevent the appearance of visible blood vessels. Calms and rejuvenates sensitive and mature skin that is prone to redness and couperose.

SOUL Harmonizing Cream & Mask

The velvety, nourishing 2 in 1 product with our harmonious Calming Complex that contains jasmine, black sesame and magnolia offers soothing relaxation to irritated skin and gently, yet visibly alleviates stress. The precious evening primrose oil lets the skin feel balanced and nourished. Embedded in our Celumer Marine Extract those exclusive active ingredients merge into a synergy for balanced, relaxed and beautifully harmonious skin.

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