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Booth no. Hall 16 - B20

Arnold Meier and Sandro Dell Avvocata (Owner of Joker Media AG) founded their first online shop following the suggestion of a Swiss manufacturer of hand and nail cosmetics. Over the course of the first few years, the product range was extended by several other Swiss cosmetic products.

As a result of intensive interaction with the cosmetics industry and many discussions with manufacturers, retailers and end users, they recognized the necessity and potential of combining the right substances with unique ones.

They developed their first product under the BS24 brand. An innovative, extremely high-quality, fast-acting and so far unique anti-aging serum based on 4-fold hyaluron, collagen, apple stem cells and 22k gold particles: Hya4 Plus Effect Serum

Driven by the success of the first product and at the suggestion of their clientele, over the next few months they complemented their product range with four more high-end, innovative products for today's modern and demanding customers.

  • Cosmetics
  • Private label manufacturer
  • Skin care


Kuttelgasse 4
8001 Z├╝rich

Phone: +41 79 4145722



Hya4Plus Effect Serum
Softens wrinkles quickly and visibly.

Swiss Apple Stem Cell, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen And 22K Gold Anti Wrinkle Firming Serum.

Ultra Power Anti Aging Lift Mask
A pure pampering program for your skin. Professional lifting mask for the face and chin area.
Hyaluron, AloeVera Beads, Retinol, Purpel Red Algae, Ultra Firming Anti Aging Mask

Long Lashes Magic Serum
2 in 1 Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum
An irresistible, sexy look. Stronger, longer and denser eyelashes and transform eyebrows into "WOW-Brows".

Amazing Luxury Volume Lip Balm
3 in 1 Lip Volume Balm, Lip Gloss With Uplifting & Long Lasting Care Effect, Coconut & Macadamia Oil, Mint And Shea Butter
Plump, silky and beautiful lips for a kiss like a Hollywood star.

Amazing Hydrobomb Gold Lip Mask
For lips that are beautiful to kiss. Intensive care and regeneration through innovative combination of active ingredients.
Collagen-Hydrolysat, 24K Gold, Grapefruit- And Rose Extract, Softening And Moisturizing Mask

Hya4Plus Effect Serum

The innovative serum combines a 4-fold hyaluronic acid (high and low molecular weight), Swiss apple stem cells, and collagen in one product. It cushions the skin from the inside and fills in folds and lines. It visibly softens wrinkles quickly, smooths the skin and increases its elasticity. The skincare serum gives skin new tension and provides it with lasting and intensive moisture. It provides gentle gold particles for the ultimate glow factor and a youthful skin tone. 


Long Lashes Magic Serum

An irresistible, sexy look. The innovative 2 in 1 serum ensures noticeably stronger, longer and thicker eyelashes when used daily. The highly active ingredient formulation with myristoyl pentapeptide-17 actively stimulates the growth of eyelashes. It turns your eyebrows into "WOW-brows"; they grow faster, denser and more evenly.

Free of hormones. Free of silicone and paraffin. Without parabens and prostaglandins. 
Amazing Luxury Volume Lip Balm

A kiss like a Hollywood star. Irresistibly beautiful, full lips. Transparent lip gloss with cushioning effect and long-lasting care effect. The lips look better drawn, have a firmer structure and wrinkles are reduced. Macadamia extract, coconut oil and shea butter maintain the lips and restore the moisture balance. The result: plump, silky-soft and beautiful lips. Regular use will reduce lip wrinkles, improve hydration, and the lips will look fuller. 

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